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Nursery Program

Because we understand, childhood is a journey not a race, and nursery is about much more than academic; we are a concept nursery that advocates children to develop with love & laughter!

“A child is born with a fully developed brain. How the brain matures further depends on the environment around him/her.”

A child has its first and most important learning experiences at home in parents and guardians’ care. On his / her first day of nursery the child makes its first step into the big wide world of learning and increasing independence. The child learns to obey and accept rules, cooperation, experience order and reinforces its ability to concentrate. He/she will practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving and study skills. That he/she will use throughout his/her schooling or even life.


“Nursery is about much more than academic.”
Because we understand childhood is a journey, not a race. We have various fun and exciting educational activities and international cultural exchange activities …

Mental development program (Syllabus part1)

“Math & Science are prerequisites for success in many of today’s occupations.”
A strong background in Math & Science will open doors for your child in greater opportunity over …

Whole Language teaching program. (Syllabus part2)

Our whole language program is run with the motto “Children’s language development and language learning should be whole”. This is why we present our program through a complete interactive and innovative …

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