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Mental development program (Syllabus part1)

“Math & Science are prerequisites for success in many of today’s occupations.”
A strong background in MATH & SCIENCE will open doors for your child in greater opportunity over a lifetime.

Our world is changing. Today, we rely on mathematics and science in ways we could not imagine before.
Mathematics is defined as the science which deals with logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Advances in Math and Science, got us to build the pyramids, improve our health and help us to understand the world around us. From balancing a household budget to preparing your taxes to following a recipe, MATH and SCIENCE touch every part of our lives.

  • UC Math: obtain hands-on benefits by operating learning materials. Learn through playing, play through learning, to cultivate “Little Math Expert” in UC Kindies.
  • Brino’s Vivid Calculation fully utilize photographic memory to stimulate right brain-hemisphere, and assist children to overcome the fear as well as obstacles in calculation.
  • UC Brilliant Science consist of cultural, social, nature and other science knowledge, a guide for children to explore, serves as our children’s “Encyclopedia”!
  • Brino’s Science Lab interesting experiments and scientific exploration, inspiration for children to build brain-hand interactions, a guide for children to experience success!
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