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Whole Language Program (Syllabus part2)

Our whole language program is run with the motto “Children’s language development and language learning should be whole”. This is why we present our program through a complete interactive and innovative experience that involves the English language in social values, arts, crafts, and teamwork play activities…

We make language learning so much fun!

We present the English language through phonic sounds, letter writing, and letter names; while encouraging the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through interactive activities based on photographic memory. We focus on making a meaning of what is being read and how meanings are expressed through what is written. It’s a whole package of learning languages without barriers, and phonics makes it the best language combo!

This discipline aims to build a strong moral foundation for the children to assist them in achieving excellence in intellectual and spiritual aspects of life. We teach them values of love, respect, trustworthiness, empathy, kindness, care, honesty, and peace.

Based on our belief that there isn’t one right way to make art, we encourage creative thinking and free expression of feelings; building confidence and making every child feel proud of his/her original artistic creations. We also offer a full art and craft kit for each learner to encourage free artistic expression.

This is a fun mixed-age activity for all children to learn about teamwork and the skills of leadership, presentation, and planning while developing their language skills as well as aspects of creativity, imagination, and respect. Our innovative learning activities include Sand Play, Role Playing, Stage Drama, Water Games and many others!

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